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Through the Tarot, we can see the quality of the moment, our unique subjective experience.
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he Tarot shows opportunities or blocks in our outer or inner world...

Professional Tarot Reader in Barcelona

Welcome to Tarot Alliance, the ideal place to get Tarot in Barcelona in Barcelona.

I am a professional Tarot reader with extensive experience and training in the Tarot world, and my goal is to help you solve your problems and needs by carefully listening to your concerns and using Tarot to search for the inspiration and answers you seek.

It has been over 20 years since my first Tarot training in France with masters such as Philippe Camoin and Alejandro Jodorowsky. I also studied Symbolism at UAB...

I offer you a deep meaningful, high-quality, and trustworthy experience.

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Benefits of an In-person Tarot Reading in Barcelona

Although digital means are excellent for communication, sometimes it is impossible to achieve the emotional connection and empathy that can be generated by sharing the same physical space.

If you're looking for a trustworthy and experienced Tarot reader or Tarologist for an in-person Tarot reading in Barcelona, you've come to the right place.

Our city has a long esoteric tradition, especially in in-person Tarot readings.

Here you will find a qualified professional who fits your needs.

No, it is not necessary to believe in Tarot for it to work.

Skepticism, in the right measure, is healthy and necessary.

The information obtained during a Tarot consultation with a Tarot reader in Barcelona is just one more element to consider in your process of searching for solutions.

During the Tarot reading, you will be offered the opportunity to see your doubts from a different angle.

On other occasions, the consultation will confirm what you already knew, giving you the assurance that your opinions or thoughts are fair and accurate.

This new information will provide you with perspectives that you may not have considered before, and perhaps a new way to break out of the loop you are in.

Remember that you always have the option to believe or not believe in the information received, and that the power of decision is always yours.

Do you need to believe in Tarot for it to work?

How do I understand an in-person Tarot reading in Barcelona?

I approach Tarot holistically and ethically, with a philosophical and humanistic focus.

I am not a fan of predictions, as I know that everything is constantly changing.

My in-person Tarot consultation in Barcelona provides an archetypal and symbolic X-ray of your reality,, the one we cannot see but can feel. 

Through its symbols, we can see the quality of the moment, our unique subjective experience.

It can also show the opportunities or blockages in our external world, our life, as well as reveal our internal world of emotion and feeling.

We can illuminate the hidden relationships and influences related to your question and clarify the role we play in it, our perception of reality, and how we can intervene.

During the Tarot consultation in BCN, we work together to understand your emotions, your relationships, and your goals.

We can find creative solutions and answers to your questions with in-person tarot in Barcelona.

Discover the power of Tarot to understand your emotions and find solutions.

Would you like to Book an in-person Tarot reading in Barcelona? Don't hesitate to contact me.


Achieve your goals with a Tarot reading in BCN