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Tarot Blanes:

Tarot in Blanes: A mystical experience on the Costa Brava

Tarot Blanes presents a unique experience in this beautiful coastal city of Costa Brava.

Blanes offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy its beaches, botanical gardens, and rich history while delving into the fascinating world of Tarot with Rafael from Tarot Alliance, an expert Tarot reader in Blanes who offers personalized and accurate consultations. 

Discover how this spiritual art can enrich your visit to this magical city.

The connection between Blanes and Tarot

Blanes is known for its ability to adapt to the changing times without forgetting its roots. This quality also applies to Tarot, a spiritual practice that has evolved over the centuries. 

Like the city, Tarot offers visitors an opportunity to explore their personal history and find clarity in their lives.

Conexión espiritual con el Tarot en Blanes: Costa Brava mística
Online Tarot

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Table of Contents

Meet Rafael, founder of Tarot Alliance

Leyendo el Tarot en Tarot alliance

Passionate about Tarot and human development

Rafael has been in the field of human growth and development for over a decade, focusing on the Marseille Tarot. 

Throughout the years, he has helped many people find clarity and guidance in their lives, always focusing on understanding the unique needs of each client. 

Rafael offers also his readings in English, allowing him to connect with a wide variety of people.

Academic and practical training in various disciplines

In addition to his experience in the world of Tarot, Rafael has academic and practical training in different disciplines, such as Symbolism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Expanded States of Consciousness, among others.

This knowledge and experience allow him to help his clients comprehensively, using multiple tools and approaches to address each unique situation.

Discover Tarot during your vacations or weekend getaways in Blanes.

A journey to self-discovery

Tarot Alliance autoconocimiento y crecimiento

Vacations and weekend getaways represent perfect moments to relax, distance yourself from everyday stress, and dedicate time to yourself. 

In Blanes, in addition to enjoying a wonderful natural environment and a variety of leisure activities, you will also have the opportunity to delve into personal growth and self-discovery through Tarot. 

Here’s why vacations and Tarot in Blanes make an ideal combination:

1. Achieve inner peace and mental clarity during your vacations

When we are on vacation or enjoying a weekend getaway, our mind and body are more relaxed and in harmony with our inner being. 

This state of peace and serenity allows us to listen to our inner voice more clearly, facilitating the interpretation of Tarot cards and helping us better connect with their messages and advice.

2. Reflect on your life in a tranquil environment

A Tarot consultation in Blanes with Tarot Alliance provides you with the opportunity to pause in your life and reflect on your experiences, desires, and goals. 

Vacations are ideal moments for this introspection as they allow us to step away from our routines and responsibilities, facilitating a broader and more objective perspective of our lives.

3.Work on your personal growth in an inspiring environment

The beautiful landscape and relaxed atmosphere of Blanes offer the perfect setting to work on your personal growth.

Tarot readings with Rafael can reveal areas of your life that need improvement, and vacations provide you with the time and space necessary to address these challenges and evolve as a person.

viaje interior con Tarot Alliance en Blanes

4. Create valuable memories

Including a Tarot reading in your vacations or weekend getaways in Blanes will not only provide guidance and self-knowledge but also allow you to create significant and lasting memories. 

Sharing this experience with friends, family, or even with yourself will enable you to remember your vacations as a time of growth and personal transformation.

Don’t hesitate any longer and take advantage of your vacations or weekend getaways in Blanes to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Tarot and discover how this ancient practice can enrich your life and offer you a new perspective.

Tarot y meditación en Blanes: Armonía espiritual en la Costa Brava

Benefits of Tarot in Costa Brava

  1. Personal discovery: Tarot can help you explore aspects of your life that you may not have considered before, providing a new perspective on your current situation. 
  2. Guidance and clarity: Tarot readings can provide valuable guidance and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities you face. 
  3. Spiritual growth: Tarot is a powerful tool for spiritual growth, allowing you to connect with your intuition and find purpose in your life. 

Relaxation and well-being: A Tarot consultation in Blanes is an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate during your vacations in Costa Brava while immersing yourself in the city’s spiritual energy.

Tarot Alliance: Personalized Tarot Consulting

Rafael Tarotista Tarot Alliance

Services Online and in-person Tarot readings

Rafael offers personalized Tarot consulting services through Tarot Alliance, providing Tarot consultations via video call, whatsapp , and in-person in Tossa de Mar. 

Rafael also offers the possibility of traveling to where you are in Lloret de Mar to perform an in-person Tarot consultation. Consult through Whatsapp! 

His precise and detailed readings reflect his commitment to understanding his clients’ needs and his focus on human growth.

Skills and comprehensive approach

Rafael’s skills include consulting, guidance, problem-solving, spiritual awareness, coaching, self-awareness, active listening, intuition, and empathy. 

His comprehensive approach combines his knowledge in Tarot and other disciplines, allowing him to address each unique situation and provide valuable guidance to his clients.

seguridad con Tarot Alliance

Payment options at Tarot Alliance

Enjoy the convenience and security of making your payments 

1. Cash payment: For in-person consultations


If you prefer to have your Tarot consultation in person in Lloret de Mar, we also accept cash payments.

This option allows you to pay for your Tarot services quickly and easily, without sharing financial information. Simply pay the agreed amount in cash to the Tarot reader at the end of the consultation.

2. PayPal: A safe and convenient option


PayPal is an online payment platform that allows you to make secure and fast transactions without sharing your financial data with the seller.

By using PayPal, you can be sure that your payments will be processed efficiently and protected.

Additionally, if you have a PayPal account, you can make your payments with just a few clicks.

3. Bank cards: Pay easily using your credit or debit card

credit cardsAt Tarot Alliance, we accept credit and debit bank cards from major financial institutions.

This payment method is fast, easy to use, and widely accepted worldwide.

To make a payment with a bank card, simply enter your card details into our secure platform and follow the on-screen instructions.

4.Bizum: Instant transfers from your mobile phone


Bizum is a service for instant transfers between bank accounts that allows you to make quick and secure payments directly from your mobile phone.

With Bizum, you don’t need to remember account numbers or perform complicated operations, as everything is done easily through your banking app.

To use Bizum at Tarot Alliance, simply select this payment option and enter the phone number associated with your Bizum account.

At Tarot Alliance, we care about your convenience and security.

That’s why we offer you multiple payment options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy our Tarot reading services with total peace of mind.

No matter which payment method you choose, you can be sure that your transactions will be protected and that you will receive exceptional service.


Testimonials from satisfied customers.

At Tarot Alliance, we take pride in the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our Tarot consultations.

Below, we share some real testimonials from satisfied customers who have left reviews on our Google My Business:

Uma Esther
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I can wholeheartedly recommend Tarot Alliance based on my own experience. In an industry where it's easy to find charlatans and snake oil salesmen, it's refreshing to encounter the honesty and integrity with which Rafael serves people. He possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise. Highly recommended for unlocking, guiding, making progress, and gaining confidence in the process... I will definitely consult again!
Carlos Carramiñana
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A very skilled tarot reader and an even better advisor, he fulfills an excellent role as a psychologist. Very empathetic. A good success rate. His years of experience are evident. Very approachable and responsible.
Elena Montoya
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An enjoyable consultation, with a 100% accurate reading. Rafael is very approachable, his energy is positive, and he instills confidence. I am very happy and satisfied with the reading. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!
Paula Barrera
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Rafael accompanies and advises you very well. I highly recommend him because he has helped me understand things and has also calmed me down with his calm and pleasant voice. You will be in very good hands with his assistance 🙂
gabi blanes
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I recommend it. I found the path to follow, and though it wasn't easy, it opened doors that I couldn't have imagined.
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A highly professional and passionate individual in their work. Infinitely respectful and cordial. It was a pleasure to have this experience. Thank you for your advice.
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It has been a very enriching experience for me. Rafael has been able to provide me with clarity on various issues that were concerning me in a very engaging and empathetic manner, offering his personal and completely accurate perspective. Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much! 🙏
Rima Stanis
Leer más
Raphael is amazing! Spot on!! Read my past like I was his book. I had my reading in English as I don't speak spanish. He really took his time and made sure I understood everything before he moved on to the next think. 10 out of 10!!!
Georgio Stergiou
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Rafa is amazing with his readings, incredibly accurate, to the point that I didn't expect, even surprising me. He helped me deal with a family loss as well as a professional challenge. His readings made me see and feel, even realize some things that facilitated the healing of personal pain and doubt. Although I didn't believe in Tarot at first, after the consultations with Rafa, I felt like I knew what I had to do and saw different possibilities. Highly recommended. An experience.
Tarot Alliance Logotio

Tarot in Blanes offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the spiritual world and discover new perspectives on their lives. 

By experiencing a Tarot consultation with Rafael Flores, you can make the most of your journey through Costa Brava while connecting with the unique and spiritual energy of this beautiful city. 

Don’t hesitate to explore Tarot in Blanes and discover how it can enrich and transform your experience in Costa Brava.

Rafael Tarot Alliance
Tarot Blanes with Tarot Alliance

Tarot is a system of cards used for divination and self-discovery.

Each card has a symbolic meaning that can help provide guidance and clarity in various life situations.

A Tarot consultation in Blanes with Rafael can be done in person or remotely through video calls and phone calls.

During the consultation, Rafael will use his intuition and experience to interpret the cards and provide valuable and personalized guidance for your current situation.

The duration of a Tarot consultation can vary, but it usually lasts between 30 minutes and one hour.

This allows enough time to explore your questions and receive detailed and personalized guidance.

No, prior knowledge of Tarot is not necessary to get a consultation in Blanes.

Rafael is an expert Tarot reader who can guide clients through the process, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge of Tarot.

Yes, you can ask specific questions during a Tarot consultation.

In fact, it is helpful to have some questions in mind before the consultation to help focus the reading and get the guidance you see

After a Tarot consultation in Blanes, you can expect to have greater clarity and understanding of your current situation.

You may also feel more connected to your intuition and more confident in your decisions.

You may want to reflect on the guidance provided and consider how to apply it in your daily life.