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Welcome to my Face to Face Tarot reading consultation in Tossa de Mar!

If you are looking for a tarot reading to find answers to your concerns or for guidance, you are in the right place.

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Do you want to know how the Tarot consultation in Tossa de Mar works with me?

Why choose a Face-to-Face Tarot reading?

In-person contact with the Tarot reader promotes closeness, visual contact, and a feeling that virtual interaction cannot achieve.

The special connection established between the Tarot, the Tarot reader, and the client in an in-person reading allows for a stronger link that inspires more significant and deeper information.

The consultant often has a sense of deeper, meaningful, and enjoyable guidance during the consultation.

In addition, Tossa de Mar is a magical place on the Costa Brava, charged with a very special energy, ideal for taking a moment to connect with oneself and nature, between the mountain and the sea.

I encourage you to come and visit me in Tossa de Mar, and if possible, take some time before or after the consultation to enjoy a healthy and therapeutic walk on the beach, take a dip in the sea or the mountains that will cleanse your energetic body and mind from stress and worries.

You can find here a calendar here where you can schedule a date and time for your consultation.

On the Booked day, I recommend that you prepare a little before the consultation.

The Tarot consultations are individual and private, with a clear ethical code that guarantees respect, confidentiality, and trust.

You can ask any questions you want during the booked time, but don't worry if we reach the end of the time and I haven't finished. We will end the consultation when it is completed.

I offer several types of Tarot card readings in Tossa de Mar and its surroundings, such as a complete card reading for complex topics, a quick card reading for a quick and precise answer to a specific question, a love Tarot reading for questions about love and relationships, or a success Tarot for questions about success and prosperity.

How does an in-person Tarot reading in Tossa de Mar work?

Book your in-person Tarot reading in Tossa de Mar

Book your day and time or send me a WhatsApp message with your doubts.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information or to ask any questions you may have

I am at your disposal to accompany you in the search for the answers you are looking for and to translate the symbols of the Tarot to enlighten and guide you on your path.

I look forward to seeing you soon in Tossa de Mar!

Professional Tarotist in Tossa de Mar

I am a professional Tarotist living and offering my consultations in Tossa de Mar, with extensive experience and training. I have spent several years studying with Philippe Camoin and Alejandro Jodorowsky, among others.

I am dedicated to providing you with a quality service that meets your needs and helps you find answers to your concerns

I am committed to offering you a Tarot consultation in total confidence and respect for your privacy.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need more information.


¿How does it work?

First of all, this in-person Tarot consultation doesn't require any specific requirements, except for your presence and attention.

It is not necessary to take time to meditate on the questions you want to ask the Tarot, but it can help to better understand the subject during the consultation.Similarly, if you wish, we can work together to formulate the questions that will bring you the information you need.

Certainly my empathy and collaboration are at your entire disposal during this Tarot session.

Firstly, a clear question is asked to the Tarot.

Secondly, the cards are shuffled and each card is selected and placed in a predetermined order that I will indicate to you step by step.

Finally, I interpret the reading, trying to adhere as much as possible to your question, even if sometimes it may seem to deviate from the initial question and take us to explore other areas that have not been taken into account in advance, the result is to open up perspective to a broader and more integrative, therefore therapeutic vision

In reality, the Tarot reading is more like a conversation with a friend who knows and loves you very much. This friend to whom you allow to tell you the truths because you know that he or she does it with your consent.

It is probably best to avoid questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no, as these types of answers do not provide us with valuable information and do not involve us in finding a solution to the consultation.

There is an old saying that when you know how to ask a question, you already have half the answer.

Therefore, I suggest asking questions that open up perspectives, as this suggests the evolution of the situation or projec

Por ejemplo puedes preguntar; “¿Cómo puedo abordar tal tema?” , “¿Cómo va a evolucionar tal tema?” , “¿Cómo puedo abordar la situación?”, “¿Cómo está actualmente la relación con mi pareja?”.

It is highly recommended to first dedicate a few minutes of silence and rest to clear our mind, and then to think about what we really need to know and what helps us understand this moment or situation.

Para terminar, no te preocupes si te resulta difícil elaborar la pregunta ya que nos ocurre de manera similar a todos y es por que forma parte del proceso del “darse cuenta”.


I have always used the Tarot de Marseille to read the Tarot.

In reality, I have never had the feeling of choosing the Tarot de Marseille. In fact, it was the Tarot that appeared during my childhood. Much later, I discovered that it is the original or at least the oldest of those that have historical evidence.

In the same way that the Tarot de Marseille shows the way back to The Origin, I use the original Tarot for this.