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The interpretation of dreams and their meaning

The interpretation of dreams and their meaning it has been and continues to be a topic of great significance for human beings since ancient times, with different cultures having their own interpretation and meaning. 

In ancient Greece, dreams were seen as messages from the gods and were believed to be able to predict the future. In Egyptian culture, dreams were considered a form of communication with the dead. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that dreams were caused by demons or evil spirits.

Although dreams remain a mystery to many, it is evident that they have a significant impact on our daily lives, and although its understanding has evolved over the years, it remains a topic of great interest in the field of health, personal and spiritual development.

Dream interpretation can help us better understand our unconscious desires and solve problems in our lives. Additionally, dreams can also be an indicator of mental and psychological health issues, so it's important to pay attention to them and seek help if you have recurring problems with them.

For Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, dreams were a window into the unconscious, a place that communicates valuable information about ourselves and where our repressed desires, traumas, and emotional conflicts are stored.

His theory on dreams is an immensely valuable contribution to humanity, as it systematically, deeply, and coherently collects much of ancient pagan knowledge and its spiritual and religious legacy , using the symbols and archetypes present in dreams as the key to accessing this ancestral wisdom.

The unconscious sends us messages through dreams, which is how it helps us process information that we cannot consciously process. Through its interpretation, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the world.

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Dreams have a compensatory or regulatory function, seeking to balance aspects of our personality that we have repressed or consciously ignored. They present us with images and symbols that represent aspects of ourselves and our lives that would otherwise be difficult to perceive

Dreams can show us both our repressed desires and our fears and internal conflicts. Through the interpretation of dreams, we can discover patterns and trends in our lives that help us better understand our personality and find solutions to problems in our daily life.

Dreams are composed of symbols and archetypes. Symbols are images or symbols that represent a concept or idea, while archetypes are universal patterns of behavior or thought that are common in all cultures and found in the collective unconscious mind.

To understand the symbols and archetypes present in dreams, it is necessary to use a combination of techniques, such as psychology, mythology, symbolism, philosophy, and religion.

Dreams can help us process and understand our emotional experiences, can give us access to our unconscious desires and fears, and help us better understand our psyche, as well as the possibility of establishing a relationship with the transpersonal center of our consciousness.

Dream Interpretation:

Dream interpretation has a therapeutic purpose by helping us process repressed emotional conflicts, through decoding and understanding them, we can integrate personal and relational problems and expand our consciousness and understanding of ourselves.

Interpreting dreams is an active and creative process that requires the dreamer's participation and involves the analysis of symbols and metaphors in the dream and their relationship with the corresponding archetypes.

It is important to pay attention to both individual symbols and the overall context of the dream. During its decoding, the dream may provide a different perspective on a problem, or it may provide an unexpected solution

The interpreter should be open to the information presented in the dream and should be willing to explore the symbols and archetypes that appear in the dream. 

Although each dream is unique and personal, many of these universal symbols and archetypes can be interpreted in a similar way. 

For example, a dream in which a dragon appears can symbolize the archetype of the shadow, which represents our dark and unconscious aspects.

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What are Archetypes?

Archetypes can appear in the form of symbols, characters, images, and metaphors and can help us discover the valuable messages our unconscious is trying to communicate to us.

The archetypes present in our dreams can have various meanings and can vary depending on culture and each person's personality. 

Por ejemplo, un arquetipo como el “padre” puede tener un significado positivo para una persona cuyo padre es una figura amorosa y protectora en su vida, mientras que puede tener un significado negativo para alguien cuyo padre ha sido abusivo o ausente.

Some of the most common archetypes can be interpreted in a general way. 

They often manifest as characters, like the Father archetype, which represents authority and structure in our life and can appear as a paternal figure or as a male character that provides guidance and direction.

The Mother archetype can symbolize nourishment, care, and protection. It is often presented in dreams as a maternal figure or as a female character that provides care and support.

The Child archetype, which represents innocence and creativity.

The Hero archetype, which represents our ability to overcome challenges as well as the quest for truth and personal fulfillment. It often appears in dreams as a brave character who faces challenges and overcomes obstacles to achieve their goal.

The Shadow archetype, which represents those aspects of ourselves that we reject or deny, and the lanima/animus lsymbol, which represents our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

These characters can represent aspects of ourselves or our life, and can provide valuable information about our relationships, desires, and needs.

The shadow is the dark part of our personality, composed of aspects of ourselves that we do not accept or deny in our conscious life.

Dreams can help us discover aspects of ourselves that we do not accept or deny in our conscious life. Dreams can illustrate our repressed desires and needs, and can help us understand our relationships with others.

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Symbols in Dreams

Simbolos en los sueñosSymbols in Dreams are images or elements that represent something more than their literal meaning. Symbols have a universal meaning and can help us better understand the message our unconscious is trying to communicate to us.

A symbol is a visual representation of an idea or feeling, and dreams often contain symbols that must be interpreted to understand the underlying message. 

Symbols can be images or objects, or even actions that occur in dreams.

These symbols can be interpreted as projections of aspects of our personality. For example, a character or animal in a dream may represent a part of our personality that needs to be integrated or recognized.

For this reason, it is recommended to consider their interpretation as a therapeutic tool in our personal and professional life.

For example, a common symbol in dreams is water, which can represent emotions or the unconscious.

The symbol of the eagle can represent freedom, vision, and wisdom.

A snake can symbolize wisdom or temptation, while a house can represent both security or home as well as our "inner home"

A tree can symbolize life, wisdom, and growth. However, if the tree is rotten or sick, it may symbolize health problems or emotional problems.


For example, a recurring dream of being chased may indicate that we are running away from something in our conscious life. The interpretation of this dream could help us confront that problem and overcome it.

Dreams have symbolic meaning and can help us connect with our inner wisdom as well as gain a deeper understanding of our psyche and our relationships with others.

The Tarot and its symbology can be of great help in interpreting dreams, as many of its symbols are related to archetypes and have similar meanings. The Major Arcana represent universal archetypes and their symbols can help us understand the meaning of dreams.

Dreams can have a predictive function and can be a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance. Through the interpretation of dreams, it is possible to access inner wisdom and obtain answers to important questions in life.

It can also help us discover our desires and long-term goals. Dreams can be a way of communicating our deepest desires and instincts to the conscious mind.

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