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Email Tarot Reading: Complete Guide to Transformative Consultations

Are you looking for a reliable and transformative Tarot reading via email?

With me, you can find everything you need to know about Tarot readings via email, including how it works, what type of questions you can ask, and how to get a reliable and secure Tarot consultation from the comfort of your home.

In this article, I will answer the most frequently asked questions that I receive in Tarot Alliance.

I will tell you everything you need to know about Tarot readings via email: how it works, what type of questions you can ask, the advantages of this option, and how you can get a reliable consultation.
Through this consultation, you can find guidance and understanding about any situation that concerns you.

Start exploring your possibilities with Tarot readings via email!

chico haciendo una lectura de tarot por email

Table of Contents

tarot marsella solo la rueda
by email reading

Here you can add to cart 1 or 2 questions by email.

As oros Tarot Marsella
elegir el tarot por email

What is Email Tarot and Why Choose it?

Email Tarot is a convenient and affordable option to receive wise and inspiring advice, solve doubts, and understand the difficulties you are facing.

Although this reading is cheaper than others, it is equally inspiring and transformative.
I only need your name and question to perform an email reading.

Meet Rafael, founder of Tarot Alliance

Leyendo el Tarot en Tarot alliance

Passionate about Tarot and human development

Rafael has been in the field of human growth and development for over a decade, focusing on the Marseille Tarot. 

Throughout the years, he has helped many people find clarity and guidance in their lives, always focusing on understanding the unique needs of each client. 

Rafael offers also his readings in English, allowing him to connect with a wide variety of people.

Academic and practical training in various disciplines

In addition to his experience in the world of Tarot, Rafael has academic and practical training in different disciplines, such as Symbolism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Expanded States of Consciousness, among others.

This knowledge and experience allow him to help his clients comprehensively, using multiple tools and approaches to address each unique situation.

tarot por email fiable

Advantages of Reliable Email Tarot:

Consulting Tarot cards via email has several advantages, including:

  1. Convenience: You can access a Tarot reading from the comfort of your home without having to travel.
  2. Anonymity: You don’t need to provide any personal data other than your name and date of birth.
  3. Affordability: It is the most economical option to receive a Tarot reading.
  4. Flexibility: You can do the reading at the time that suits you best.
preguntandose que esperar del tarot por email

What to Expect from an Email Tarot Reading?

It is important to remember that although an email Tarot reading is reliable, it is not an infallible way to predict the future, but rather a tool for guidance and understanding.

Understanding current situations or problems is usually a reasonable expectation in this type of consultation.

The reading will help you identify the causes of your concerns and discover your potential, as well as finding solutions to achieve your goals.

Email Tarot: Tips for Getting the Most Out of It

To get the best results from an email Tarot reading, follow these tips:

  • Ask specific and explanatory questions: the vaguer the question, the less specific the answer will be.
  • Be open to the interpretation of the cards and the intuitive guidance of the Tarot reader.
  • Reflect on the answers and guidance provided, and apply the advice in your life as needed.

Testimonials from satisfied customers.

At Tarot Alliance, we take pride in the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our Tarot consultations.

Below, we share some real testimonials from satisfied customers who have left reviews on our Google My Business:

Uma Esther
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I can wholeheartedly recommend Tarot Alliance based on my own experience. In an industry where it's easy to find charlatans and snake oil salesmen, it's refreshing to encounter the honesty and integrity with which Rafael serves people. He possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise. Highly recommended for unlocking, guiding, making progress, and gaining confidence in the process... I will definitely consult again!
Carlos Carramiñana
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A very skilled tarot reader and an even better advisor, he fulfills an excellent role as a psychologist. Very empathetic. A good success rate. His years of experience are evident. Very approachable and responsible.
Elena Montoya
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An enjoyable consultation, with a 100% accurate reading. Rafael is very approachable, his energy is positive, and he instills confidence. I am very happy and satisfied with the reading. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!
Paula Barrera
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Rafael accompanies and advises you very well. I highly recommend him because he has helped me understand things and has also calmed me down with his calm and pleasant voice. You will be in very good hands with his assistance 🙂
gabi blanes
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I recommend it. I found the path to follow, and though it wasn't easy, it opened doors that I couldn't have imagined.
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A highly professional and passionate individual in their work. Infinitely respectful and cordial. It was a pleasure to have this experience. Thank you for your advice.
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It has been a very enriching experience for me. Rafael has been able to provide me with clarity on various issues that were concerning me in a very engaging and empathetic manner, offering his personal and completely accurate perspective. Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much! 🙏
Rima Stanis
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Raphael is amazing! Spot on!! Read my past like I was his book. I had my reading in English as I don't speak spanish. He really took his time and made sure I understood everything before he moved on to the next think. 10 out of 10!!!
Georgio Stergiou
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Rafa is amazing with his readings, incredibly accurate, to the point that I didn't expect, even surprising me. He helped me deal with a family loss as well as a professional challenge. His readings made me see and feel, even realize some things that facilitated the healing of personal pain and doubt. Although I didn't believe in Tarot at first, after the consultations with Rafa, I felt like I knew what I had to do and saw different possibilities. Highly recommended. An experience.
mirando las diferencias entre Tarot por email y las consultas tradicionales

Differences between Email Tarot and Traditional Consultations

An email Tarot reading is different from a traditional consultation online or in-person.

When doing the reading via email, I only have access to your name and question, I don’t have the opportunity to ask you additional questions to clarify the story.

This forces me to rely solely on the symbolism and my intuition to interpret your reading.

How to Prepare for an Email Tarot Reading

Before requesting an Email Tarot reading from me, it is often helpful to follow some tips to ensure a surprising and transformative experience:

  • Reflect on your expectations and goals for the reading: what do you expect to gain from the reading and what would you like to learn or understand better? Establishing your goals will help you make the most of the session.
  • Think of a specific question or theme you want to explore: having a clear idea of what you want to ask or investigate in the reading will allow you to get more specific and meaningful answers.
  • Make sure to provide accurate and necessary information: your name and the question or theme you want to explore are the raw materials to perform a personalized and accurate reading.
consejos para tarot por correo electronico

Ethics in Email Tarot Reading

As with any other Tarot consultation, ethics are a crucial component in Email Tarot reading.

Everything that happens at Tarot Alliance must follow strict rules of confidentiality of the information shared during the reading and treat my clients with respect, empathy, and understanding.

As a client, you must also be honest when sharing information and questions with me, and be open to receiving the guidance provided.

Advantages of receiving regular Tarot readings by email

Receiving regular tarot readings by email can have several benefits in your life:

  • Personal growth: Tarot can provide valuable information about your behavior patterns and areas of growth, allowing you to evolve and improve as an individual.
  • Clarity in decision-making: Tarot readings can offer guidance and perspective in difficult situations, helping you make informed and conscious decisions.
  • Relationship strengthening: Tarot can provide information about your personal relationships and how to improve communication and connection with others.
  • Spiritual development: Tarot readings can help you connect with your intuition and explore your spiritual life, fostering a greater sense of purpose and well-being.


By incorporating Tarot by email into your life, you can enjoy these benefits and experience a greater sense of balance, harmony, and empowerment in your daily life. Take advantage of this powerful and transformative tool to discover your potential and create the life you desire!

las espectativas con las lecturas de tarot

Keep your expectations realistic about Tarot by email

I remind you that Tarot readings by email, while useful and revealing, are not an infallible way of predicting the future. Tarot is a tool for guidance and self-knowledge, not a crystal ball that provides definitive answers to all your questions.

By keeping your expectations realistic, you can better take advantage of Tarot readings by email and use them as a valuable tool in your life.

  • Don’t expect magical solutions: Tarot by email can offer valuable guidance and advice, but it will not provide magical solutions to your problems. You are ultimately responsible for making decisions and taking action in your life.
  • Be aware of your emotions: When receiving a Tarot reading by email, you may experience intense emotions. Make sure to process and reflect on these emotions before making decisions based on the reading.
  • Accept ambiguity: Some answers in a Tarot reading by email may be more ambiguous or less clear than you expected. It is important to be willing to accept ambiguity and find personal meaning in the answers provided.
  • Be patient: Tarot readings by email can provide valuable information and guidance, but immediate changes in your life may not always happen. Be patient and give things time to unfold, and trust that the wisdom of Tarot will guide you on the right path.
lecturas de tarot por email regular

Email Tarot PayPal: How to Make a Secure Consultation

Making an email Tarot consultation with PayPal allows you to pay securely and quickly.

To make an email Tarot consultation, follow these steps:

  • Select the PayPal email Tarot option on the website.
  • Provide your name and the question you want to ask.
  • Make the payment through PayPal.
  • In our online boutique, we also accept payments through other methods such as Bizum and/or credit cards.

You will receive a detailed and personalized response to your question via email.


tarot paypal


I hope you have been able to find answers and inspiration for any doubts or concerns you may have regarding how this email Tarot consultation works, how to ask your questions, and how to integrate the received consultation into your daily life.

However, remember that you can quickly send me your questions through the WhatsApp button located on this same page.

See you soon! Rafael | Tarot Alliance

Tarot Alliance Infinito
Tarot by email reading

¿How does it work?

For this type of Tarot consultation, you send me the questions you want to ask through the form that will appear after selecting the desired service/product and making the payment.

Within the next 24-48 hours you will receive the response to the same email address from which you sent the questions.

It is very important that you send me your name (last name is not necessary) and your date of birth or the dates of birth of the people you want to consult about.

All card readings at Tarot Alliance are always performed personally by myself, I do not use any automatic means or software to do them

I ask the question on your behalf and draw the cards as I would in any other in-person or online reading. 

Unlike in-person or online readings, you are not present during an email reading to provide any additional information or clarification, so the reading is done almost exclusively through intuition.

In general, it's best to avoid questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no" as such responses don't provide any valuable information and don't help in finding a solution to the problem.

In fact, there's an old saying that goes, "when you know how to ask a question, you're halfway to the answer."

Por lo tanto, sugiero hacer preguntas para que sus respuestas nos abran una perspectiva, una evolución de la situación o proyecto.

For example, you could ask: "How can I approach this topic?" "How will this situation develop?" "How can I handle the situation?" "What is the current state of my relationship with my partner?"

's also important to take a few minutes of silence and stillness to clear our minds and think about what we really need to know to help us understand this moment or situation.

Don't worry if it's difficult to formulate the question, this happens to everyone and is part of the process of "becoming aware."

Ahorre tiempo
De esta forma no tienes por que esperar ni reservar cita conmigo de manera presencial u online, envía tu pregunta y te respondo en un plazo de 48 horas diréctamente a tu mail.

From anywhere in the world
Without the cost of international calls or scheduling issues.

100% secure payment
Thanks to the secure payment platform, you don't have to worry about anything, it is a 100% secure payment.

Quality-price ratio
It is an anonymous way to shed light on your doubts at an affordable price for everyone, starting from 15€ and with the same quality.

Fácil y rápido
El sistema es eficaz y sencillo. Rellene el formulario con suficiente detalle y recibirá una respuesta por correo electrónico en el plazo más breve posible.

It is more affordable because I value the freedom and peace of mind of being able to perform your reading at the most convenient time of the day.